Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Should Sex Education be allowed in the school sytstems?

Research Question: Should Sex Education be a “must” in schools? Should it be looked down upon because we are trying to teach the kids the cons to having sex at an early age? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Summary: Sex Education has always been one of those touchy subjects that nobody wants to discuss. A lot of people view it different than others. Some view it as an “okay” to let the children have sex while their still young and others view it as kind of a “warning”. Kids are going to do what they want. You can preach to them all day NOT to do something but if they get bored and are uneducated on this subject, they’re going to end up doing it. I believe that if we have this as a class, starting in middle school, then kids will learn the bad side of things and maybe wait a little longer to experience it.

In this research paper, I hope to discover what the general audience feels about having this class added to the school systems. If maybe after they are explained more in depth how this could enable the children rather than disable them, if they would be more willing to let this happen. I also hope to discover the probabilities that this class has. Are more people willing to let this class be added to the school system or not? If so, why isn’t it?

Reflection: What I have found out so far is that many people are actually for this. The main concern now is whether or not they can find a teacher who will teach the facts of sexual education or just their beliefs. Also, many people are for this class. “Results of recent polls have estimated that less than 7% of the population does not believe that sexual education should be a requirement in schools. This is 93% who are in favor of this subject matter as a part of the regular curriculum.” (Pros 1)

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