Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chastity Belt! Good or Bad?

- This is a comical picture showing sexual education as a bad thing. George Bush is holding the key to this 'scared out of his mind' young boys' chastity belt. This is not how sex education should be pictured. It should be about teaching the kids all of the information about what really happens why they decide to have sex at a very young age.
- Sex Education is a big controversy in the world today. Parents are afraid of it because they thing that it's promoting their children to have sex. But in reality, teachers are just trying to help educate these children so they can hopefully make better choices. I believe that sex education should be considered as a course you have to complete in high school, or grade school, before you graduate.
- There are two different kinds of sex education: abstinence-only and abstinence-based. Abstinence-only, of course, just pretty much says "don't have sex until you're married." Abstinence-based educates them on alternative forms of birth control methods with a greater emphasis on abstinence as the method of choice.
- Most people view Sexual Education as a way to 'scare' the kids in to not having sex. Or they want to preach about abstinence, which isn't a bad thing, but isn't exactly right either. If you tell a kid not to do something, they are more willing to do it anyways. If you let this calss be a part of their curriculum and teach them about the affects of unprotected sex, then they will better understand.
- To summarize things up, i believe that if this course is allowed, it will be able to educate these children on the outcome of sexual intercourse. This class will teach them about the risks they bring on when engaging in this activity. It will also teach them how to properly use protection and not to have multiple partners.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Should Sex Education be allowed in the school sytstems?

Research Question: Should Sex Education be a “must” in schools? Should it be looked down upon because we are trying to teach the kids the cons to having sex at an early age? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Summary: Sex Education has always been one of those touchy subjects that nobody wants to discuss. A lot of people view it different than others. Some view it as an “okay” to let the children have sex while their still young and others view it as kind of a “warning”. Kids are going to do what they want. You can preach to them all day NOT to do something but if they get bored and are uneducated on this subject, they’re going to end up doing it. I believe that if we have this as a class, starting in middle school, then kids will learn the bad side of things and maybe wait a little longer to experience it.

In this research paper, I hope to discover what the general audience feels about having this class added to the school systems. If maybe after they are explained more in depth how this could enable the children rather than disable them, if they would be more willing to let this happen. I also hope to discover the probabilities that this class has. Are more people willing to let this class be added to the school system or not? If so, why isn’t it?

Reflection: What I have found out so far is that many people are actually for this. The main concern now is whether or not they can find a teacher who will teach the facts of sexual education or just their beliefs. Also, many people are for this class. “Results of recent polls have estimated that less than 7% of the population does not believe that sexual education should be a requirement in schools. This is 93% who are in favor of this subject matter as a part of the regular curriculum.” (Pros 1)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How does this make you feel?

In this black-and-white picture, you can see an abundance of boys raising their hands. They are all raising their hands with a sense of excitement or pride. One older gentleman is standing in the middle as if he is teaching them or directing them on what to do. They are dressed in, what looks like, uniforms of some sort; maybe military. Their faces are lit up with joy.

Whenever I seen this picture, it hit me hard. Many different emotions started running through my head; fear, sadness, anger. These are young children who have been taught to hail a mass murderer. The eager facial expressions of the boys, coupled with the uniforms give an overall impression of war and hatred. Hitler knew that these young boys would be more naturally taught and molded then adult men, who are more stern about their beliefs. So he used these boys to create the “master race” (Fundamentalist 1)

In today’s society, you don’t see things like this going on. But that’s not to say that it won’t or can’t. I believe that if somebody wanted to pose as a father figure and try to rule the U.S., they could…very carefully of course. “Many boys looked forward to entering the military. They had been trained to think that real men prove themselves in war.” (Wagner 1). The boys in this picture were born while the war was going on. They were raised to hate the Jews; war was all around them. They had no other choice than to think the same way that their father’s and mother taught them to think. Today, it would take time to get the children to hate something if you just sprung it on them, rather than raising them in it.

After I took a deeper look in to the picture, little things start to pop out. The boys are all blonde and are wearing their hair a certain style. They all have the same uniform on. The way the picture was taken, it shows that there were a lot of boys here hailing their “Father”. Their arms all up in the air show how much pride they all have. But it’s almost like a unison pride. Like if they were all bonded together as one. The picture is really a bit eerie if you really study it.

My overall analysis of the picture is very terrifying. This picture has really impacted me. I hope that when you look at it, that you really take the time to analyze the photo. It has a lot to say. Hitler was a very, very powerful man and this picture just shows how he could impact these adolescents. “There were many other methods Hitler used to effectively gain and hold control over his youth.” (Fundamentalists 3). Thankfully, he never got a chance to use them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Research Prospectus: the affect that WWII had on Hitler's Youth

Research Question: How did World War II affect Hitler’s Youth? What caused the children to be the perfect race? Were they hidden from the rest of the world? Did Adolf Hitler have a positive or negative affect on them? Did Hitler leave a lasting impression on the children as shown in their life styles by the present day?
World War II affected several different people, including the children. When studying Hitler’s reign, you will find a lot of information about what he accomplished and the control he had. The main focus I would like to cover is how World War II affected Hitler’s Youth, also known as the children who were of the “perfect race”.
Adolf Hitler was a powerful man with a lot to conquer. The children, during this time, were majorly affected in several different ways. They were ripped out of school and were told that they were no longer equals. The children under Hitler were the “perfect race” and they were also told that anybody who didn’t look like them or believed the same way as them were snakes.
In this research paper, I hope to discover more knowledge, in depth, about what went on behind closed doors. I want to learn if the children of that time still lead a “perfect race” life. If now they still think that they are better then anybody who isn’t like them. I would also like to find out how all of this affected their everyday life.
I didn’t have many problems researching my topic. There is an abundance of information on World War II and Hitler’s reign. This was a huge topic in History. I did have success in finding videos that contained interviews of middle aged men and women who were kids in that time. In the interviews they were asked what they thought about all of it and how it changed them. There was one specific interview that I remember with a woman and she said that she was brought up thinking that her father and grandfather were heroes. But later found out that they were mass murderers.
I have found a lot of information on this topic. I might have to do a little bit of “digging” if I want to find out more specific, in depth information. Some information that was very fascinating to learn about and some information that almost brought me to tears by just reading it. Then I watched a few of those interviews and here comes the water works. It was so sad what Hitler did and I hate him for what he did. But then you have to look at it in another perspective and realize how powerful he really was and what all he conquered. This man did amazing things, yes they were awful and horrible, but he accomplished them without any trouble.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Post

This is my first blog post.