Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chastity Belt! Good or Bad?

- This is a comical picture showing sexual education as a bad thing. George Bush is holding the key to this 'scared out of his mind' young boys' chastity belt. This is not how sex education should be pictured. It should be about teaching the kids all of the information about what really happens why they decide to have sex at a very young age.
- Sex Education is a big controversy in the world today. Parents are afraid of it because they thing that it's promoting their children to have sex. But in reality, teachers are just trying to help educate these children so they can hopefully make better choices. I believe that sex education should be considered as a course you have to complete in high school, or grade school, before you graduate.
- There are two different kinds of sex education: abstinence-only and abstinence-based. Abstinence-only, of course, just pretty much says "don't have sex until you're married." Abstinence-based educates them on alternative forms of birth control methods with a greater emphasis on abstinence as the method of choice.
- Most people view Sexual Education as a way to 'scare' the kids in to not having sex. Or they want to preach about abstinence, which isn't a bad thing, but isn't exactly right either. If you tell a kid not to do something, they are more willing to do it anyways. If you let this calss be a part of their curriculum and teach them about the affects of unprotected sex, then they will better understand.
- To summarize things up, i believe that if this course is allowed, it will be able to educate these children on the outcome of sexual intercourse. This class will teach them about the risks they bring on when engaging in this activity. It will also teach them how to properly use protection and not to have multiple partners.